Photographs: Hunters Point Shipyard

photocrati gallery


This series of images was made at various locations within Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco beginning in the spring of 2010.  The textures, colors, and vivid contrasts present in the richly layered strata of industrial and marine decay at the shipyard provide an endless palette for artistic experimentation and improvisation.  On the digital palette, I manipulate colors, hues, saturation, contrast, and exposure to create the final photographs.

These images reveal both the sheer beauty of strictly aesthetic elements that appeal to the artist’s eye, and at the same time convey a historical weight and a narrative of this unique place.  This environment, once home to an intense, bustling, bristling, industrial war machine, now sits silent and largely vacant, slowly disintegrating as it awaits transformation into its next life.  It is my hope that these images capture some sense of that place and history, and can function as a record of this unique moment in the Shipyard’s history.



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